Covid19 – Back to work for life coaches.

As life slowly returns to normal for many life coaches, the word normal is taken with a pinch of salt. With world plunging deeper and deeper into a recession it could be argued that a life coach is a nice to have which can easily be dispensed with. On the other hand and my stance Read More

Social Media Detox post-Coronavirus

We have never been more connected yet distant with one another from the time man stepped on this planet. We have battled our way through a global pandemic and moments where the world and country unites and puts politics aside to come together has never, since the world wars been more apparent. We collectively stood Read More

NOW is the time to hire a professional coach!

All of us have been affected by COVID-19 or Coronavirus in one way or another. Whether we have experienced symptoms or food shortages ourselves, lost money through lack of employment, struggled through lengthy periods of self-isolation or lost loved ones. For some the mountain to climb back to pre-covid-19 physical and mental health seems staggeringly Read More