NOW is the time to hire a professional coach!

All of us have been affected by COVID-19 or Coronavirus in one way or another. Whether we have experienced symptoms or food shortages ourselves, lost money through lack of employment, struggled through lengthy periods of self-isolation or lost loved ones. For some the mountain to climb back to pre-covid-19 physical and mental health seems staggeringly high.

As a result it may be worth considering investing in the services of a life coach or NLP practitioner. Whatever you need, want or desire, a life coach may be able to help. The ancient Indian poet, Rumi, wrote “what you seek is seeking you”.

Securing the services of one of our life coaches here at will ease this out of you.

What is a life coach? The definition of a life coach will vary dependent on what your specific goals are, however; essentially a life coach is somebody who helps people attain their life goals.

The ancient Indian poet, Rumi, wrote “what you seek is seeking you”. A life coach will help you find this. A life coach doesn’t consult, counsel, mentor, or offer therapy but looks to instil in you a degree of self-motivation and self-empowerment to enable you to make, meet and then exceed your life, business or health goals both in your professional and personal life. Whilst a counsellor or therapist may be a more appropriate form of assistance if you are struggling psychologically through ill health or loss, one of our many coaches have the ability to transform people’s lives with years of experience. The horrors that was and is the after-effects of COVID-19 are still reverberating now. Whilst many see this is a dank and dismal position to be in personally and globally, it is also an opportunity. An opportunity to let life explode within you and

The life coaches who have the most profound impact on people’s lives have a balance of skills, expertise and delivery. This is often supported with a wealth of knowledge and experience as opposed to theoretical rhetoric. Coaches who are able to transform people’s lives with the most profundity have often achieved proven success in their own lives and businesses and very much practice what they preach.  One of our many life coaches at Life Coach Near Me will be able to help you to identify any of your limiting beliefs. They will be able to work potential blocks or challenges you may be facing to realise your dreams or mission. They will be able to devise and develop strategies to help you overcome these obstacles blocks and challenges and propel you onto a new path of success.

The top 5 things a life coach can help you with post-coronavirus 2020:

  1. Identify the clear goals and a vision of their clients and create an achievable action plan and pathway to achieve these goals
  2. Create strategies in-keeping with the client’s lifestyle and personality together with a level of accountability to keep them on track and foster an environment of self-motivation.
  3. Use their extensive knowledge and skill set to provide advice and guidance on any aspects of their clients life. They may range from health, relationships, financial, business, goals and more.
  4. They will be a great listener and react accordingly to the clients’ needs. They will be passionate and empathetic, providing you with a sounding board and springboard to reach new heights.
  5. They will share and celebrate in their clients success when it comes, whether it be small or large, success is success.

Search our extensive database of life coaches and NLP practitioners here on Life Coach Near Me to find a life coach best suited to your needs. You can use our filtering tool to refine your search to really hone in on the exact skill set of the life coach you want. Find out more here.