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Business coaches are usually hired by business owners, business executives or board members of companies, businesses and organizations to offer independent advice, consultation and support on specific business matters. Businesses coaches usually have no prior involvement with the company or business that they paly a supporting role with and this allows them to give impartial and unbiased advice.

Usually they have a background in business, perhaps with Business qualifications such as a business related degree or MBA. They usually have experience in a broad range of industries. They use this skills, knowledge and prior experience to help clarify the vision and direction of the business in question and then relate it all to their client’s own personal goals and aspirations. 

Business coaching is a strategic partnership which aligns the clients personal goals with the business goals and together with a business coach, are able to formulate a starategy to meet both of these goals without compromising either. In fact, high quality businesses coaches assit their clients in both business and personal growth concurrently.

At Life Coach Near Me we have a number of business coaches all with a range of skills and expertise that will allow both you and your business to flourish and achieve new heights. 

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How do I become a business coach?

There are no restrictions as to who can or can’t become a business coach. However, to become a successful coach working with business leaders it is worthwhile earning some accreditation or qualification to support your offering to executives and business owners. A background in business is highly recommended as this will allow you to understand the necessity to balance personal and business success. Experience in a range of industries is also looked on favorably by clients as they want to feel assured that you can relate to them and their industry. Understanding different industries allows you to understand the nuances related to personal and business growth.

Whatever your skill level, it is worth creating a website to build your brand and explain your skillset to prospective clients. You can then  promote yourself on our website to start generating leads.

Some business coaches offer free initial sessions with their clients to see if they are a suitable synergy to achieve business and personal success. By signing up on Life Coach Near Me, you will experience a steady stream of qualified leads all looking for a business coach.

As well as continued professional development, and undertaking additional qualifications and accreditations, many business coaches connect with new clients at Business Networking Events. Your local chamber of commerce can provide you with a list of dates a networking events they are holding. Here you can meet a range of business leaders and executives who may be interested in self-development and growing their business concurrently.

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We offer a a range of pricing options to support your budget. Whether you are a new business coach or a much more experienced one, you will gain an increase in leads by signing up to advertise on our site. 

The most popular option is our GOLD LISTING which places your listing above basic listings and gives you the opportunity to list any events you are hosting, add your social media profiles and website details and much much more. 

“Since hiring a business coach our business has grown substantially and the direction, focus and clarity with my approach has improved no end. Thank you to Life Coach Near Me for offering this brilliant service”. Paige Newton

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What exactly is a business coach?

A business coach is a professional coach who usually has a vast range of experience in a wide range of industries, working at different levels of management. They will be able to look objectively at your own personal developement and your business without their judgement being clouded by bias. 

A professional business coach helps business professionals reach short and long term goals without losing sight of the bigger picture. This leads to greater personal growth, and often an increase in sales leads and profits.

Hiring a business coach ensures that their client’s are held accountable to their actions ensuring any commitments they made are more likely to be followed through to the end, increasing the chance of overall success of the project or task.

“A business coach can help skyrocket your business and provide you with the tools and techniques to man this new metaphorical rocket!” Life Coach Near Me

Who is the best business coach?

The best business coach is the one that works best for you and your business. No single coach is an expert on all industries. Equally so, some may have more experience in your particualr industry than another. Furthermore, some business coaches may have a wealth of experience but only at a certain level of management.

From a personal development perspective, different directors, managers, and business leader may require and respond better to differing styles of business coaching too. It is not unusual for clients to try a few coaches before settling on one that they feel will give them the support, energy and business coaching skills they are looking for.

It is important to see hiring a business coach as an investment. Take care to look around and ask other people who have used the services of a professional coach before for their suggestions. Have an informal chat with some of your shortlist and explore their reviews and recommendations they may come with. 

By hiring a life coach you want to see a high return on investment. It does not always translate that the highest price business coaches will provide the highest level of business coaching however, there is certainly a general correlation. Shop around and find the perfect coach that not only meets with your budget but can provide you with the skills and experience that you feel you and your company will benefit from.

“Self-development is one of the true gifts you can give yourself. I hired a business coach and the rewards it brought me and my business were immense!” Heather Robertson 

Why is business coaching important?

Self-development in general is important because if we fail to grow and become stagnant in our lives then this can lead to a variety of psychological difficulties. Keeping our minds active and learning new things and seeing the world from a new perspective is exciting, liberating and keeps you grounded.

From a business perspective, again, a independent insight and coaching can propel us to achieve greater success and reach new heights personally and as a business.

There is a reason so much emphasis is placed on continuous professional development in the business world – to ensure we keep abreast of the latest thinking, changes in the industry or improvements. This ensures that we and our businesses can remain at the forefront of a market place if we are already there or gain ground on those who have already established themselves as market leaders. 

Failure to grow and develop can breed arrogance in some people and in turn can lead to our downfall. Business coaching keeps us sharp, honed and focused, giving us new valuable perspectives for us to capitalize on.

“We have used a professional coach for over a decade. They always give us impartial advice, keep me accountable and offer fresh perspectives on the daily business” Tom Turner

Does a life coach need a business licence?

Life coaching can be somewhat unregulated, but so can many other industries. Even with the appropriate skills and qualifications a business coach may not be able to deliver the service you expect from them.

As  a result, life coaches do not need a business license. Many life coaches, however, do have insurance to cover themselves from any claims brought against them. Many life coaches do have accreditations and qualifications to complement many years experience. However, there are many who don’t. It mays to conduct due diligence research when choosing your life coach of business coach to ensure they have adequate licenses, qualifications and insurance.

“We used Life Coach Near Me to find a coach, to not only provide advice and guidance to the team but also help us navigate a particularly unsettled time within our business. Having someone there to guide and support from the outside is invaluable!” Carl Bundy

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