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Abi Opall




I am Abi Opall and a Life Coach. I am passionate about supporting individuals to be the very best of themself, to identify and recognise that they have what it takes to be all that they choose to be and achieve their aims.

I am a good listener, empathetic, non-judgemental and have excellent organisational skills to complement coaching skills.

I believe if an individual believes in themself and take necessary actions to discover who they are, their potentials, receive clarity on what their needs, wants, goals and desires are, and work towards their objectives, they are on a good journey to creating a happy life and one that works for them.

I believe in learning, growing, developing and improving on our self, forgiving our past mistakes and moving forward positively to achieve our aims.

Some of my coaching specialities

  • Career Coaching
  • Depression Support
  • Motivation
  • Personal development
  • Work / Life Balance

More about me and my services

I have an accredited Life Coaching Diploma from Centre of Excellence, accredited by ABC Awards. I have over ten years of experience working in the Health and Social Care Sector and I am a member of the Association for Coaching.

I have worked with clients in the past in the areas of relationships, developing personal values, identifying career path, building self-confidence and self-esteem, assertiveness and general personal development.

I work with young people and adults to move from the position of:

CAN’T to CAN (Gaining self-awareness)
CAN to DO (Affirming potential)
DO to DONE (Taking action)
RINSE & REPEAT (Assessing past action and asserting potential to be able to take future actions)

Whatever the objective, I work with clients to gain clarity on their goals, build their confidence in themself and in working towards achieving their aims and take necessary actions.

Furthermore, I leave clients with tools they can use in the future to ensure that wherever they find themselves, they can apply themselves and achieve their objective.

Rates and discounts

£50+ per 1hr session



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