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Charlotte Dover

Chipping Norton


“I was bowled over by the ease, focus and support Charlotte shared as a life coach, I literally ping ponged my way from discovery to discovery in each session. It was formidable, fun and enlightening to learn how I’d missed obvious detail in the past and it’s impact upon my life. I am so grateful to her for what she has given me in terms of the clarity and positivity, and how best to move on. Time with her has been so enriching, do not miss out!”

“I found the process of coaching with you immensely helpful in clarifying my thinking, and giving me motivation. Once the process was started then I became increasingly self-motivated which is what I’d hoped for, so it worked! You provided that ‘sounding board’ and non-judgemental voice to my thoughts; giving me a framework to formulate my thinking and permission to think freely without prejudice or preconceptions about possible outcomes.”


Are you an intelligent, conscientious woman who’s worked hard to get to where you are but, despite doing everything you THOUGHT would make you happy… something’s missing.

Have you put everything into being what you need to be for everybody else & realised that people-pleasing has taken you further away from who your really are & what you really WANT.

You’re tired of looking back at “missed opportunities”, not feeling able to speak up & say what you want to – you KNOW it’s time to change this, the problem is you’re not sure how.


Imagine feeling self-assured enough to say NO! to things that no longer feel aligned and YES! to the opportunities that will move your forward.


Imagine having the confidence to speak your truth without worrying or feeling guilty.


Or navigating tricky conversations feeling calm, collected, and self-assured!


Imagine going for that promotion, securing your dream job or following the path that you absolutely know is right for you.


And waking up with a spring in your step looking forward to the day, KNOWING “you’ve got this”?

You can! and it might be simpler than you imagine…

I can help you find the missing piece of that jigsaw – so you can trust your voice and your judgement, and go for whatever it is you want!

I work with outwardly successful women who believe they could achieve so much more, if only they had the confidence to go for it.

Our work together typically starts with understanding who you are and what you really want on a deeper level, taking your unique character into account and learning how to use this to create strong confidence foundations so you’re ready to move forward.

We’ll explore confidence-boosting tricks for quick wins as well as long-term confidence-building practices which will see you flourish throughout our time together.

You’ll discover that confidence really is just like a muscle you can build and flex at will and by the end of our time together you will feel you have a new superpower – if not several!


Looking for a taster of what working with me is like?

The Self Confidence Super Boost – £99 – a one-off session to help you top up your confidence for a particular problem or event, or as a taster of what coaching with me is like!


I also offer a free 15 minute chat to discuss what you’re looking for and how I can help you get there. Just send me a message to arrange this.

Some of my coaching specialities

  • Career Coaching
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Motivation
  • Personal development
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Work / Life Balance

More about me and my services

I am a member of the Association for Coaching having studied Coaching at Oxford University

I have just completed a further ICF Accredited Advanced coaching course as I believe that part of being the best coach for my clients is continuing to learn and grow myself.

I typically work with women exploring career change, rediscovering passion and purpose, confidence, mindset, self-esteem and habit change. I also specialise in self-belief building for those curious about starting a new venture and entrepreneurship.

Rates and discounts

One off session - £97 Six sessions (typically over three months) - £550 10 sessions (typically over 4 months) - £850 Signature Self Confidence Super Charge programme from £997 Payment plans are available - please contact me to discuss details of any service



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