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Christine Doubleday



I am a qualified coach and mentor at post graduate level and a member of the Association for Coaching.

I have worked in education all my career as I have a passion for learning. I have held senior positions in large and complex organisations, often leading teams through change and reorganisations. I know how it feels to catch a train that is already moving at speed and the effect that can have on confidence, performance and enjoyment of life and work.

Carving out some space to think things through with someone else can be a real support for professional and personal life. 

 I have faced sadness as well as joys in my life. I’ve been stuck and not known where to turn but have found resources within myself and support from others that have enabled me to lead a successful career and fulfilling life. Having some space, some peace, some time to think and talk about what you really want to do can be a huge benefit and help you work out your next move. I continue to be coached myself because I find it so valuable in raising my own self awareness in order to help others find their way.

Some of my coaching specialities

  • Career Coaching
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Motivation
  • Personal development
  • Work / Life Balance

More about me and my services

Professional Coaching
Covid and new ways of working present challenges and opportunities. You may want support in managing the situation you are in now or you may want to rethink your working life completely.

You  may be going through a transition:

  • A company reorganisation

  • Chance of a promotion

  • Difficulties within a team

  • A new role

As a manager, you may need to support your team in different ways with remote working.

Coaching with someone who is experienced in career planning and organisational change can support you in navigating next steps and improving performance. 

Life Coaching 

Your life may have changed dramatically during Covid and lockdowns. You may want to think about an entirely different way of living.

Or, it could be that life is fine but you have a niggle that something is missing or not quite right.

You may be going through a transition:

  • A significant birthday

  • Into childcare and parenting

  • Out of childcare and parenting

  • Facing retirement

  • Changing relationship status

Or you might just have a feeling that your life could be more fulfilling.

Working with a coach who is trained in aspects of personal development can be an immense support in helping you navigate the challenges that a life fully lived throws up.


I offer a free session for you to assess if we can work together productively. After that, I usually find four to six sessions will help you get the head space you need but I’ll work with you for as many sessions as you wish.

Rates and discounts

£90 per session. Each session lasts around one hour



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