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Wednesday to Friday; times vary; however I do have appointments that start before 9am.

Henrietta Cyrille


United Kingdom


I help you save time, reduce stress, grow your independent and confidence.

We all have a style; our hair, makeup, clothing, home, the way we talk and walk. Some styles are learnt, others we are born with and many are just developed over time. In our 1:1 sessions we will look at what motivates you to make various decisions and how you can learn and develop your decision making technique.

Your Decision Style consists of:

  • Your Core Values
  • Your Priorities
  • Your Environment
  • Your Current Situation
  • Your Fears

Each of these can change throughout your lifetime, but by understanding how and why you make your decisions, we can build you your very own personalised decision making system.

Placing your values at the heart of centre of your decisions alongside your priorities and personality, will give you more clarity, consistency and confidence in your life. 

Give yourself the space, time and guidance to think about where you are now and to make the decisions you need, to take you forward.
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Some of my coaching specialities

  • Personal development



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