How much does a Life Coach cost?

If you wanting the answer to the question:  ‘how much is a life coach?’ then you’ve come to the right place. The price of a life coach will vary depending on what kind of service they offer and length of your requirements.

The prices of a life coach will vary dependent on whether you have skype sessions with your coach or face to face sessions. If your sessions are face to face and you choose someone who is not local, you may find yourself paying more to cover their time and travel expenses.

Searching for a range of life coaches and NLP practitioners in our directory will give you a choice of professionals who can offer you some life coaching to fit your budget.

Life coach London prices may differ to life coach Edinburgh prices.

We could take the example of Dr Sally Ann Law; a London based life coach. She offers both personal and executive life coaching and charges in the region of £200 for a 90 minute session. These are in-person and accompany unlimited phone calls and emails between each session.

Dr Sally Ann Law is a certified life coach with many years’ experience so if you were to compare other life Coach London prices, you should bear in mind that her credentials and experience will be reflected in her fee. Similar to some other life coaches, Sally Anne offers a free phone call for you to determine if her services fit well with your needs and to identify your goals she can help you with. Sally Ann only offers a 15 minute taster call where as others may offer longer free sessions.

If you were looking outside of London for a life coach prices would be a little lower for face to face meetings. Susan Wishaw from Sheffield can be hired as a life coach to help with your career, wellness levels and business coaching. Her fees for in-person and phone sessions range from about £100 per hour which is a drop from the average price in London. Again, this fee reflects Susan’s years of experience and accreditations as well as hand on experience working in the business world. Susan offers a free 30 minute taster phone call to understand your needs and goals and outline her methods.

If you commit to extended periods of time, these charges may go down. Some life coaches charge £350 for 3 one hour phone calls over the course of a month combined with unlimited emails within reason.

If you were looking for a confidence coach then this is a popular form of coaching. Whether you want assistance with public speaking or overall confidence to achieve your goals. Prices for these kind of coaches range between £50 and 150 for a one hour session.

Before deciding which life coach or NLP practitioner your wish to engage the services of, its important to check their credentials. It would be wise to check their qualifications, independent reviews they have or know of anybody who has used their services in the past. Their fees should reflect these factors.

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