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Life coach London. Here at Life Coach Near Me, we offer a range of life coaches, NLP practitioners and business and executive coaches. Each of our coaches have a range of specialties and can help you with every aspect of your life.

Our coaches cover a range of support you may need including Business, Career, Confidence, Corporate, Depression Support, Executive Coaching, Family Support, Finance Management, Health and Leadership, Motivation, Parenting Support, Personal Development, Relationship, Retirement, Staff Coaching, Stress Management, Work or Life Balance and Youth Coaching.

Use our intuitive search tool to life a life coach in London to help you with your needs.

Life Coach London

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When you become a member of the Life Coach Near Me family, not only can you add your social media information, website and have full control over your profile, but you can also receive direct messages from potential clients. 

If you are someone looking for a life coach or business coach to help you with your needs you can direct message your chosen practitioners, meaning that it is easy for you to reach out to them without having to navigate to other web pages. We try and make the whole system as simple as straight forward as possible to ensure you get the help and support you need and deserve as soon as possible.

Find a life coach in and around London

Use our intuitive search function to find the most suitable life coach, or business coach for you

If you are searching for a life coach London, then you can use our expertly developed search function to drill down to the perfect life coach you need to meet your needs. You can search by the locality in London, or by your specific requirements.

You may be looking for a confidence coach London, business coach London or executive coach London – we can help. Alternatively you may be looking for someone to help with your stress and anxiety again – Life Coach Near Me can help. 

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The Association for Coaching  is a leading independent, not-for-profit professional coaching body committed to promoting coaching best practice and raising the awareness and standards of coaching, internationally.

Their main purpose is to inspire and champion coaching excellence, to advance the coaching profession and to make a positive difference to individuals, organizations and society. You can learn more about the Association for Coaching here: Association for Coaching.

Comprehensive number of life coaches

One of the most comprehensive selection of life coaches and NLP practitioners

Our life coaching directory in London has compiled the most comprehensive directory of Life Coaches and NLP practitioners. We are focussed on our clients as opposed to having a profitable resource directory. As a result we ensure that we not only offer the highest quality of life coaches and NLP practitioners but they we attract the widest range of professionals who can support your requirements.

Browse our directory to find the service that best suits your needs.

Online and telephone coaches in London

Our life coaches also offer online and telephone consultations and in person visits in London

The landscape of life coaching in London changed in 2020 with social distancing a remote consultations becoming the norm. At Life Coach Near Me, we adapated to this change and included a new functionlity which allows potential clients to search for a NLP practitioner or life coach London using the search tool which includes the option to filter by telephone and online services. Our life coaches offer there services through Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex platforms.

We also give you the opportunity to identify those clients who are offering face to face services but are also offering this services in a Covid-safe environment. We want to make this service as beneficial to clients as possible.

★★★★★ Life Coach London Reviews ★★★★★

“We used Life Coach Near Me to find an incredible business coach in London. It took all the hard work out of trawling through the internet to find a business coach to help me” – Tony Malone, UK

“Lockdown had really caused me some personal and work related problems and I wasn’t sure which way to turn. We secured the services of one your life coaches in London who helped me overcome my challenges and am now back on track with a clearer and more focused mind than ever before. Thank you to Life Coach Near Me for helping me” James Devlin, UK

“I had been suffering with chronic stress and anxiety for many years. We turned to life coach near me, who helped me find a life coach in london to overcome and manage my struggles. I am eternally grateful as this has been life changing. Thank you to Amy and all the team at Life Coach Near me!” – Pauline Wiggins, UK


How do I book a life coach London?

Booking a life coach London is very simple. Start by choosing the life coach you would like and decide whether they can help you with your challenges and then make contact with them. Many life coaches offer an introductory phone call to explain the booking process and help you decide whether they are the suitable coach for you. Many coaches ask for a deposit and ask you to complete a questionnaire. Once you have paid your deposit, you can then book a time slot to have your online, telephone or face to face life coaching session.

Who is a life coach suitable for?

A life coach is suitable for anybody needing help, guidance or support to help them overcome blocks or challenging situations. Life coaches can also help those people who are wanting to unlock their potential. Different types of life coaches specialize in different areas. If you need coaching in your life then there are a wide range of life coaches to choose from to meet your needs.

How much does a life coach cost?

Each life coach sets their own prices and fees. these can range from £100 to several thousands of pounds or dollars for a single session. An average 1 hour life coaching session will cost approximately £150 or $200. It is worth asking for a few quotes to find a life coach that can meet your budget.

How long do life coaching sessions last?

Most life coaches offer a 30 minute introcutory call. This is usally free. Here they will help you identify what you need help with and how that can be of service to you. Subsequent sessions are billed at the agreed rate and usually last between one hour and an hour an a half. Your relationship with a life coach may last just a few sessions or others meet with their clients once a month for a year. There are some clients who work with business leaders who remain their life coaches, business coaches or executive coaches for many years.