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Online life coach. It’s 2020 and the Coronavirus has gripped the planet moving more and more people to spend more and more time online. Social distancing, local and national lockdowns have resulted in more and more people becoming house bound. This has led to sharp increases in stress, anxiety, depression, relationship breakdowns and other side-effects of this pandemic. The demand for life coaches and NLP practitioners has never been higher. 

As people struggle to secure appointments at doctors surgeries, therapists are fully booked and other people in their family or social circle are experiencing their own psychological challenges, NLP practitioners have become the profession many turn to to help. But with the lockdown and social distancing rules heavily in force, traditional face-to-face appointments have become a thing of the past. Online shopping, online meetings, online shopping, online parties and now online life coaching has now become the standard.

Not only have clients had to adapt to the changing times but so too have life coaches and NLP practitioners with more and more taking their businesses online and fully interactive via skype, zoom, Microsoft teams or Stream-yard. Working with a life coach or NLP practitioner has never been easier or more convenient. But where do you start if you want to find an online life coach?

Here at Life Coach Near Me, we have you covered. We have adapted our own business to allow life coaches and NLP practitioners to list their services online. We have also created an intuitive filtering system to allow you to filter life coaches and NLP practitioners who offer online life coaching or telephone life coaching.

You can use the filtering button on our home page or use the button below:

How to start a life coaching business online:

The first thing to consider before becoming a life coach is WHY? Why do you want o become a life coach? It is also worth considering what you want to specialize in. Consider what are your motivations, drivers and what can you offer to people that is unique to you.

It is then well worth gaining a life coaching qualification or accreditation. Not only will this equip you with the skills to deliver a professional level of life coaching or practice as an NLP practitioner. You can browse our course directory for a list of companies which provide professional coaching accreditation and courses. Attending these course will help you deliver a much more professional offering to your clients and help you understand how to build your online business online. Some accreditation companies include The Coach Federation, the Association for Coaching and the European Coaching and Mentoring Council.

Gaining clients is one of the main questions we get asked here at Life Coach Near Me. One of the easiest ways is to register with our directory. You can sign up to become an online life coach here:

We offer a variety of paid and free options with the very reasonable GOLD LISTING allowing you to take advantage of all of the options of our service. Here you can add your social media links, your website, appear above other life coaches or NLP practitioners in the listings, and generate more enquiries as a a result.

Nurturing existing clients is just as important as securing new ones. Some clients may be with you for one month, several months or in some cases, indefinitely. At just £10 a month for maximum exposure, this really is a perfect opportunity for you to promote your new or existing business.

“I found an amazing online life coach at a time when I really needed some help. I was restricted with what I could do and where I could do so Life Coach Near Me really saved me! Thank you!” Juliette Richardson

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How to be an online life coach:

Whilst there is no set formula to become an online life coach, there are certainly some considerations to take into account before promoting yourself. You do of course need a computer with a Webcam. It is well worth investing in a high quality webcam and ensuring that you have a high quality internet connection. There is nothing worse than an internet connection breaking just as someone is pouring their heart out. 

Ensure that when you are conducting any online sessions they are conducted with the same professionalism as if you were conducting them face to face or in an office.

This means that you backdrop or surroundings should be professional. Do not have children screaming in the background or dogs walking in or you conducting your sessions in a public space. There is still the considerations of data protection, GDPR and privacy to take account of.

Ensure that you are well lit. Either have plenty of natural light on your face or invest in some professional lighting rigs. If you want your clients to recommend you to others then it is important to deliver a professional service so that they ‘want’ to recommend you!

The first few sessions of conducting an online life coaching session may take some getting used to so maybe have some practice runs or role play simulations with your friends, family or partner. Retain all notes and finish the online life coaching session by keeping any notes you have taken secure. Just because you may be conducting an online life coaching session at home does not mean data protection rules should be more loose. 

Whilst there is a temptation to let standards slide if delivering life coaching sessions online, it is those life coaches who set the bar high and maintain that standard that will secure the bulk of the work. They will get the most referrals, the highest reviews and ultimately be the most successful life coaches. 

You can view some of our current online life coaches here.

“Thank you to Life Coach Near Me for providing this amazing service and connecting Life Coaches with people in real need an help” Pauline Robertson